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NAME: Cola
AGE: Over 18
PREFERRED CONTACT: Avarosa @ Plurk | Clione#7898 @ Discord

NAME: Alex
AGE: 17
CANON: Oxenfree
CANON POINT: Post Patch-Content for Alex-1 aka she isn't Epilogue Alex.
CANON INFORMATION: Here is the wiki for the game and Here is Alex's page!

PERSONALITY: This has some spoilers in it, so, sorry...!

At a glance, Alex is a girl who totally has her shit together. Almost all her dialogue options, no matter what you choose, are fairly confident. She's understandably shaken by the ghost haunting shenanigans of the game, but she's able to express her frustration and fear clearly, concisely, and even keeps making jokes. Or fretting over her friends. She doesn't waver from being the 'let's go rescue this girl I hate and my dumbass friend' leader they need.

Despite the apparent upheaval of her life in terms of her mom remarrying and her getting a new step-brother, she accepts him into the family with openness, affection, and honesty. In general, she's very much the type to take things as they are - which isn't to say she doesn't do her best to fix what she doesn't like. Just that she knows to pick her battles, and would rather face a situation calmly than with panic. She's pragmatic.

Alex is good at compartmentalizing, and she is sincerely a lighthearted and clever girl that wants to make the most of things. She's curios, enthusiastic, and adventurous. (She literally wants to put Escaping Ghost Death Island on the back burner for a scavenger hunt.) Despite, again, the whole story revolving around ghosts haunting her group, she isn't one for giving in to fear. She's also not one for denying it or hiding that she's afraid or distressed.

She is more prone to hiding her weaknesses and social discomforts. Prior to the game, Alex's older brother, Michael, passes away in an incident she is blamed for (at the very least by his ex girlfriend.) Her mourning is more subtle. Jonas, her new stepbrother, comments on how nice it is that they set up a bedroom for him, when it was Michael's old room, Alex just sort of mumbles, something noncommittal. Another testament to her pattern of hiding her sadness is that her own best friend doesn't link the fact that she skipped an important test (unusual for her) after her brother died. Then again, he does pick up on her potential away-from-home college choices probably being a way of escaping her brother's memory, so they go kind of back and forth.

Alex is tenacious. Both in her inability to let go of her brother - still wearing his jacket, and in the path I'm taking her from, using time-travel to convince him not to move away from home for school or with his girlfriend. And, of course,trapping herself in an eternal recurrence of the same night - this is an unwillingness to let harm come to her friends. And at the same time, an unwillingness to let go of hope that she might escape someday. (Making different choices in hopes of different results, pulling objects through time, sending messages back to herself, even when she barely realizes she's in one big time loop.) 

Although many of her speeches to the ghosts about having to accept death sound very resigned, they can also be applied to herself. She's very self-aware, but being aware of how your actions can trace back to your hurt doesn't make it hurt less. 

She doesn't like losing things or people. She cares for her friends fiercely - even the friends that are actively cruel to her. You have multiple options to call Clarissa your friend, despite her bullying you all night, and can also choose to go help her first - as well as refusing to turn her over to the ghosts but that's just avoiding cruelty. (Worth noting, however, that my Alex most strongly remembers rescuing Ren before Clarissa. She also does not really rise to Clarissa's bait -one of the best ways to get Clarissa to hate you less.) Still. Alex is quick to make light of situations and just as quick to self-sacrifice. She steps up when leadership or decisions are needed, and won't back down or compromise on the safety of her friends. She easily accepts people's flaws and will go out of her way to help people even if it's frustrating or somewhat unreasonable for them to need it.

So basically: Alex is a friendly, determined, girl who likes to joke around and have adventures. She's got some very sore spots in her life, and is still working out how to process them. She cares for others very deeply, but doesn't always like opening up about her own problems. She's so sassy that she'll sass literal ghosts as they possess her friends, but so compassionate that she'll still try to pep-talk them after an infinity of them watching her friends die. And she'll accept that eternity if it means saving those friends.

ABILITIES: Disappointingly, Alex's supernatural abilities are pretty intrinsically tied to the setting of her canon. So once she's removed from there, she might be a little perceptive to time travel and ghosts? But more intuitively than in any useful or controllable way.

INVENTORY:Aside from her clothes, Alex has two handheld radios! They're nothing special.

MEMORY ALTERATION: As far as Alex remembers, the ghosts of the island flung her here through time and space (like they do) after she closed herself up in the void rift. So she remembers her most recent run through the night on Edward's Island, waking up on the boat, and then instead of restarting the loop: Subnautica! c:

SAMPLE: Link!  to the test drive meme for here! And since it's a little short, here's another thread from a meme really recently, if that's okay! Link!

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